Designed and Illustrated Kidney Survivor T-shirt logo for the 2014 KIDNEY WALK in honor of her survival. #teamannie


Learn-Rite Driving School

Concept Illustration for Driving Manual Lesson: 1. Converted client's hand drawn sketch into vector illustration.


Fairy Tales on Broadway

Inspired by the Art Cards inside the NYC Metro trains as the E train, I had to illustrate my version of a New York city commuter riding the subway. These characters were influenced by different people who are chasing the Dream to appear on Broadway. Actors, Singers and Performers and even a stay at home mom aspire be seen, heard and discovered.

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Client Project

Character illustration development for High school graduate entering Rutgers University and celebrating her 18th Birthday and High School graduation event. 


Take it Cheesy

Product Branding illustration for Cheese Sauce, illustrated concept from sketch into vector illustration. 



The Future of the Pet Industry 2015        

Generated info-graphics and charts to display the anticipated sales forecast for 2015 (compared to 2014) in the Pet Product industry.



Invitation and Product Design